PANZ mission

Within Australia and New Zealand, PANZ aims to:

  1. provide a focal point of contact for steelbands and steelpan players

  2. promote and foster steelbands

  3. plan steelband development activities such as workshops which may include visiting overseas pan players

  4. plan and produce regular steelband festivals, and other regional events

  5. work with educational authorities to promote and develop steelbands in schools

  6. seek and secure funding to assist with the association’s activities.

The Strategic Plan for PANZ can be found here.

PANZ history

At the inaugural Australian Steelband Festival in Marysville, Victoria, a decision was taken to create a regional steelband association. In July 2013 PANZ (Pan Australia and New Zealand) was formed and PANZ Inc became an incorporated association, registered in Queensland in August 2013, with Lennox Jordan as the first president.


President: Leticia (Tish) Viljoen

Vice-President: Alvin Rostant

Secretary: Linda Fullerton

Treasurer: Linda Fullerton

Progress to date

  • Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • Strategic Plan.

  • PANZFest 2015, held in Brisbane 26-27 September 2015.

  • Planning for the next PANZfest taking place in Cairns, Australia from 25th-27th August 2017.

  • Planning for forthcoming Steelband Festivals in both Australia and New Zealand

Benefits of membership

  • support network for a geographically scattered community

  • listing of your band/organisation on the PANZ website

  • discounted fees for PANZ events

  • the right to vote at PANZ AGMs and to stand for office


Membership Fees:

Membership of PANZ is open to all individuals and steelbands in Australia and New Zealand. Membership classes and annual fees to join/renew ($AU) are:

Individual:     $25 /$20 
Band:           $150/$100 
Junior band:    $75 /$50